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Texture Editing

Ing. Martin Hatka
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zasedaci mistnost c. 112 Fakulty jaderne a fyzikalne inzenyrske CVUT, Praha 2, Trojanova 13
The thesis starts with an overview of the existing texture synthesis and editing approaches. The thesis deals with multispectral, usually color, static textures and is particularly focused on BTF synthesis, editing and visualization. The major objective is to develop novel algorithms for real-time smooth texture and BTF texture synthesis. Several smooth texture synthesis algorithms were published but only a few of them are applicable to demanding BTF textures. Most of them do not enable real-time BTF texture synthesis. The main contribution of the thesis is the development of several novel texture editing methods. The purpose of such methods is to create BTF textures with anticipated visual properties of real measured textures in the way alternative to complex measuring process. The last but not least objective of the thesis was to develop a solution enabling to render BTF textures. Such 3D graphical application was not available yet. This novel solution for full-quality BTF rendering is essential to verify eciency and usability of proposed novel texture synthesis and editing methods in practice.
2018-05-03 08:01